Welcome Families!

Canterbury Norwood Baptist Kindergarten offers a stimulating and nurturing 3 and 4 year old program in a caring, safe and secure environment based on each individuals needs. 

We believe in the magic of the preschool years where imagination, make-believe and wonder at the world around them drives a child's learning and development.

Our children learn in a fun, encouraging environment guided by highly qualified, experienced teachers. By the end of our 4 year old program each child is ready to move onto school with confidence and enthusiasm.

Canterbury Norwood Baptist Kindergarten derives the name from a long standing association with the Baptist Church that we share some facilities with. We are in fact a non-denominational kindergarten and welcome all cultures and religions.

Welcome to 2016

The Staff and Committee welcome all the new and returning families to the kindergarten.  

The  Butterfly group have been collecting pages for a Beautiful Butterflies book.  Each child is contributing two pages about themselves and their family that they prepare at home.  These pages reflect each child's interest and may include photos, drawings, stickers and comments or reflections.  The children can often be seen scanning through the pages and talking about the pictures.

The Butterfly children watched as a new tree was planted in the playground to replace the one cut down when the fence was built last year.  The Chinaberry, or White Cedar tree will provide a shady canopy for the children in the playground.  We were happy to contribute our worm casings from the worm farm to give our new tree an additional boost.  During the week the children have planted  lettuce, peas, basil and mint.  They have helped to dig over the garden beds, add additional soil and mulch and water the plants. 

New Teacher for Caterpillars

Welcome to our new teacher Camilla McInerney

Please make welcome Camilla as the Caterpillar Teacher for the remainder of 2016. Camilla is a former colleague of Anne and comes to us as a highly experienced, energetic and knowledgeable Early Childhood Educator.  Camilla is very excited to meet the children, their families and continue the fabulous work Anne has started in 2016.  

Camilla and Anne will be co-teaching for the last two weeks of term 1 to enable a seamless handover and orientation to Camilla. It will also provide the children (and parents) an opportunity to familiarise themselves with Camilla and settle in to the new situation. 




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